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Cloud-native application development experts with comprehensive engineering management and automation capabilities specializing in AI/ML and data.

Empowering and scaling enterprises with the best of technology and expertise

We are a team of skilled professionals who can design and develop cloud native applications for AWS, Azure and GCP platforms. We have deep knowledge in different areas such as application, data, infrastructure and security.
We enable businesses to scale and innovate with advanced technology and guidance. We simplify the process of building complex and scalable applications, overcoming tech challenges and leveraging cloud, AI, data, automation and observability capabilities.
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Our Mission
Our mission is to empower enterprises to scale and help them build complex and scalable applications, tackle technology challenges and embrace cloud, AI, data, automation and observability trends.
Our Value
We value innovation, commitment, transparency and trust. We strive to innovate, committed to delivering the best possible results, believe in transparency and honesty and build trust by delivering on our promises.
Cloud Applications Development


Shared Successful Experiences

Maithri Team is very knowledgeable in video, streaming, ads, machine learning areas. Their lean and agile team helped in building our cut to live And Streaming solution in AWS in an accelerated way.
Bijal Sutaria, VP of Product and Engineering
Wurl Inc
We worked together closely for 20+ years, directly and indirectly. They are experts on Telecom, Security and Cloud technologies. Very passionate and dedicated on whom one can rely on to roll out products and lead teams.
Murthy Chintalapati
Murthy Chintalapati, CEO
Ozonetel Inc